British Columbia Wetland Restoration Brochure

A brochure regarding the unique opportunities available to landowners to become wetland stewards on their property.  Highlights low maintenance and cost effective ways to encourage healthy, natural ecosystems.

Wetland Restoration & Climate Change Poster

This educational poster tells the story of Duck Lake, a 55-acre ephemeral wetland on the Williams Ranger District of the Kaibab National Forest (KNF).  It demonstrates how natural wetlands impacted by the construction of deep ponds and ditches can be rebuilt to better withstand the effects of climate change. Repaired wetlands can increase the quantity and quality of water available to wildlife.

The Beaver Restoration Guidebook

This publication discusses working with beaver to restore streams, wetlands, and floodplains.  Authored by: US Fish and Wildlife Service, Janine Castro, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Michael Pollock and Chris Jordan, Portland State University, Gregory Lewallen, US Forest Service, Kent Woodruff.

Helping A Famous Frog Go The Distance by Anne Bolen

An article authored by Anne Bolen, regarding wetland construction efforts to benefit California’s Red-Legged Frog.  This article was published in the National Wildlife Federation Magazine.

Ten Tips to Give Frogs a Landing Pad

This article written by Anne Bolen has been published on the National Wildlife Federation website.  The article discusses how creating a small wetland is easier than you think–and can go a long way to help struggling amphibians and other wildlife.

Sponsored Wetland-NZ Fish & Game March 2015

A one-page article by Northland Fish & Game (New Zealand) regarding recent workshops instructed by Tom Biebighauser.  Workshops focused on wetland construction in order to increase habitat for game birds on both the North and South Islands, and were directed towards landowners and land management organizations.

Sponsoring Workshops-Fish & Game Issue 40

A brief article reviewing the recent wetland restoration and construction workshops held in New Zealand and instructed by Tom Biebighauser.  These workshops were attended by New Zealand Fish & Game staff, environmental consultants, conservationists, and various agency representatives.

Golf Balls and Wetlands-Marge Sidney

A brief article discussing an educational opportunity to construct three wetlands on a golf course using various methods within a 4 day period, as well as evaluating success of bringing goats on site for a controlled grazing experiment for invasive herbaceous species control.

Barnhartvale Wetland Newsletter

This publication discusses the restoration of five wetlands within a Natural Area Park in Kamloops in 2013, from acquiring funding to completion of the project.

Construct a Healthy Wetland-Destroy Mosquitoes

This bulletin was designed to dispel the myth of mosquitoes and wetlands.  The information reveals the real yard mosquito breeding grounds.  It further details how wetlands are the natural defense against this common disease vector.

Ecologically Sound Mosquito Management Summary

This summary of a report by the Xerces Society for the Invertebrate Conservation explains how mosquitoes can be controlled in wetlands.

A Guide to Amphibians of British Columbia

This is a quick keying guide to adult amphibians of Northern British Columbia.

Vernal Pool Management Landowner Guide

The Vernal Pool Management Landowner Guide by the Upper Susquehanna Coalition provides tips for increasing habitat value of vernal ponds.

Pond & Plug Treatment for Stream & Meadow Restoration

The Pond and Plug Treatment for Stream and Meadow Restoration by Jim Wilcox is a briefing paper for Plumas National Forest Resource Specialists and Managers.

School Wetlands Newsletter

Created by the Anderson County Tennessee Schools, this newsletter helps you make the most of your schoolyard wetlands.


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