Hosting a Workshop

Tom Biebighauser has been leading wetland restoration and construction workshops for over ten years.  These workshops are hands-on and teach the participants how to design and  construct wetlands in practical terms and in an understandable format.  Workshops may vary in size from a small class of less than ten participants to over one hundred attendees.   Our workshop hosting program is flexible in terms of location, size of class, and length of the workshop.

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We suggest that you view the .pdf presentation regarding what workshops may include and the workshop planning sheet, then simply e-mail Thomas R. Biebighauser with your specific needs to see how a workshop can be tailored for your organization or group.  These items are provided below:

For additional information, please view the following presentation regarding what workshops may include:

For basic planning, steps for contacting Tom Biebighauser, and an overview of rates, please view the following document:

The link below is a photo summary of the 2016 Gifford Pinchot State Park Wetland Restoration Workshop:

Below is an article (U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Field Notes Entry) regarding workshops held in Fall of 2016:

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