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Added 5/4/2017:  An article by Andrea Carter regarding construction of a wetland at Lawrence School, where students were able to take a hands-on approach.


Added 3/29/2017:   A story regarding a recent wetland restoration project at UNC-Greensboro’s campus.  The article describes how the area was identified as a drained wetland, and the restoration which followed.


Added 3/29/2017:  An article regarding wetland restoration on a portion of UNC-Greensboro’s campus which was historically wetlands and later drained to become farmland.


Added 2/6/2017:  An article regarding construction of approximately 3.4 hectares of wetland in November and December 2016 in the Creston Valley through a joint initiative between the FWCP, the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations, and the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area (CVWMA).  The wetlands were designed by Tom Biebighauser specifically to provide breeding habitat for Northern Leopard Frogs, and will be filled naturally by precipitation and runoff.

Wetlands Restored to Help Endangered Frogs


Added 4/9/2016: An article regarding the long-awaited restoration of a large, abandoned sand pit area (the Breivogel Parcel) in Massachusetts.  Conservation and restoration efforts have encountered many hurtles, including funding, leadership, and implementation of construction techniques, however, efforts appear promising.


 Added 4/9/2016: An article regarding recent wetland projects at Falmouth and Chatham, Massachusetts, where Tom Biebighauser is aiding 7th grade students in wetland restoration and construction techniques.


Added 2/3/2016:  An article regarding workshops held in Fall 2015 at Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge.  This hands-on restoration workshop was designed for individuals interested in learning how to use practical, low cost techniques to restore wetlands for rare species of wildlife.


Added 12/8/2015:  An article discussing the recent work of Kerry Kriger (Save the Frogs) to restore wetlands lost to local frog populations.  Joined by Tom Biebighauser at Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve, attendees were shown how to build their own freshwater wetlands.


Added 6/28/2015:  An article regarding Tom Biebighauser’s recent trip to Arizona to work with the Coronado National Forest, the Borderlands Earth Care Youth Institute, and other environmental groups to help restore habitat for the endangered Chiricahua Leopard Frog:


Added 10/30/2014:  A story and video of Tom Biebighauser  working with K-12 students in order to bring relief to stressed amphibian populations suffering from the California drought:


Added 8/17/2014:  Here are multiple links regarding wetlands recently constructed for Earth Day at South Oldham Middle School in Kentucky:


Added 8/5/2014:  Here is a link to an article through the Kentucky Dept of Education about the Glenn Marshall/Michael Caudill wetland and outdoor classroom:


Preserving the future by restoring the past.